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Friday, 7 November 2008

The Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team project

The bike I am currently working on is the Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team in the colour Aquafade.
I bought this bike as a frame only (with some parts) and a Rock Shock Judy XC but sold the fork because I am not such a fan of that fork,..and found a matching original rigid Yo eddy forl.
This was a very pricey purchase but am happy that I did, it looks great!

today i put some parts on because i want to know how it looks,..

Still do not know which parts i will be using in the build,..currently i am buying some parts double, Campagnolo and Syncros so i can play around,..

If you have some parts or tips for me how i should build this bike,..just tell me ;)


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2drunk2shift said...

Love that bike. I have a black one with the same fork and stem. It has avid tri align brakes with Paul original love levers, syncros steel cranks and ti seat post original wtb leather seat with ti rails etc etc. It use to have some magic rebuilt and pinned rims by Keith Bontrager on it. Anyway, super sexy bike.