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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Bike art; future projects

I know I shouldn't even think about future project before I finish the current once.
The Fat Chance needs still some TLC and parts (and I need funds ;) ) and are still some other frames which are waiting for the final rebuild. (If i ever build them)
The next one (Alpinestar Cromo DX with that gorgeous elevated chainstay and the bend seattube)which come my way is more of less a spontanious buy, like most of my bikes, but I need to get focused and start working on the goal I have regarding my collection.

I thought that I wanted to collect the rigid steel frames from the early 90's which I realy love for their build style but on the other hand I do not want to sell the bikes I have which do not fit that discription and even one bike I want badly is a Klein Attitude Team from 91/92 in Green/White/Pink .
So I decided that I will keep the bikes that are historicaly interesting and have something to add to the collection if they are not the rigid steel bikes.
And on the purschase side; the first bikes I want to buy next year are the mentioned before Klein Attitude and a fully rigid DeKerf Team SL

DeKerf is a Canadian bike/framebuilder with some brilliant details, i love his rear stay, work of art,...
The front fork has the same style connection, and is just damn gorgeous...
I also like their rigid 29er with discbrakes,.. (maybe sometime,...)

The Alpinestar that will arrive in a couple of weeks needs a complete rebuild and i think i will replace the original red colour by something freaky like Kawasaki Green or Candy Pink,..

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