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Friday, 7 November 2008

The SYNCROS seatpost

HMM,..it is starting to get a SYNCROS blog ;)
Today i received the SYNCROS seatpost from the US, unfortunately it is not as good as i hoped,..but no worries, i get another 2 next week, both SYNCROS, 1 in black which looks great, and 1 in Ti,..both from the UK.
The problem with seatposts for the Fat Chance Yo Eddy is the size, it is a 29,4 diameter and this is pretty rare,....in Titanium is is ultra rare.
Also the blue Ringle post is unique, especially the state it is in but this one will be sold to a fellow Fat Chance owner in Italy soon.
Because i do not like the scuffed look of the Syncros is will take of tke black anno with caustic soda and polish it to clear alu ,..which will be fine.
For the Syncros stem i ordered new logo's with Gil_M from the retrobike forum, i will order some new decals for the seatpost aswell.
Got them before from Gil, they look great.

When i look at the bike right now I am not satisfied with the look of the Campa crank,..to much silver ..... :$
I think i will take the cranks of and save them for the KLEIN ATTITUDE TEAM '91 which i want to buy next year.

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