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Saturday, 15 May 2010

The AMP suspension fork

For the brooklyn Flyer NP bike i am trying to keep the weight down.
And because i want to try something different this time i am taking out the Rockshox Mag 21 forks and replace them with a AMP suspension fork

the AMP forks are 1225 gram with the uncut steerer

the Rockshox are 1399 gram with the lighter custom MD brace

that's a big difference for just a fork!

and this is what it looks right now.

doesn't look that bad i think.
Never used one, i want to try this asap.
Now where are the bloody canti's ;)

or should i put the Suntour XC brakes (SE) on?
Naaaahhhhhhh,..stick to the M900's...but if it takes to long i will use them.

Brooklyn Flyer the progress

I took the bike apart and removed the decals, my nails are gone!
The original Nuke Proof decals were still visible under the Brooklyn Flyer decals.
1441 grams for the frame ain't that bad.
Not as light as the Serotta TiMax but absolutely not bad at all.
When i have finished this build i will put it against the other Nuke Proof Titanium, you can see some clear differences between this early Litespeed made frame and the newer Nuke Proof inhouse made frame.
Differences that i did not see in the first place but the way the frames are made are in detail totally different, i wonder if the handling is any different.

Gil made some great new blue with black outerline logo's,..these look great with the natural titanium finish.

the way the bike looks now is not the final build.
I am looking for a different type of suspension fork; i think the Mag 21 Sl looks nice but i want to try something else this time.

XTR M900 Canti's

waiting for the canti brakes, these are on it's way from the UK.
But in the meantime i found some new XTR  M900 brake blocks, my god these are getting rare and so the price is keep going up and up,.. :$ but i have a M900 theme to stick to ;)

Friday, 7 May 2010

The new project arrived

I do not think that i have ever been looking forward to the arrival of a frame more then this one.

I used the other NP yesterday and that is sooooooo sweet, the best rider i have ever had, and this will hopefully be even a bit better.
The weight of this one will be lower and therefore even better handling :)

The box arrived

and i was curious what it would look like with some parts ;)

can't wait to get it cleaned, brushed to it's original looks with the new decals.
It will take some time because i want to parts to be perfect so everything will be cleaned, polished and tweaked