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Sunday, 25 October 2009

the top 10 most iconic mountainbikes ever

I know this is a tricky list because for each mountainbike enthousiast the list will be different.
A few weeks back i started a topic on retrobike to ask for their top 10 and offcourse,..a lot of different lists.
I will use this as a guide because some of these bikes deserve some extra attention.
Also i think the list should contain models instead of brands because brands is focussed enough to my opinion.

And the top 10 as mountainbikes is not the list I would choose because my knowledge about the first/older bikes is very limited and therefore i will be looking at other lists.

feel free to comment me and show me your list or "have to be on the list"

Number 10 -> AMP RESEARCH
Number 8 -> BONTRAGER


Dan O said...

I'd have to think about this a bit - but will throw one out there for now - Pro-Flex.

They were one of the earliest full suspension production bikes that worked. I never owned one, but did ride a few "back in the day".

With that Girvin fork and rear suspension - not bad for the era.

OLD-METAL said...

that's a good one Dan,

it was one of the first working full susser for the masses, not that expensive
I used to have the first Vector forks in the Netherlands on my PEARSON,..was impressive BITD

Anonymous said...

i´d have to include the Giant NRS, sloppy as a wet noodle and the suspension was designed to be completely inactive, but at the same time it introduced duallies to the masses in my neck of the woods(Canberra, Australia). the NRS killed the budget hardtail, which now it makes a comeback in 29er form.
i am happy to discover the underground mtb scene, give it a year or two and manufacturers will respond - IMO a steel rigid fork mtb with thumbshifters or single speed is better than a heavier complicatzed duallie for the same price.
as a young un i lusted after the Diamond back apex, Kona hei hei and Repco kosiuszko.

Anonymous said...

I think the Bridgestone MB1 should be included.
A turning point as far as geometry
and classic styling.

Anonymous said...

-Yeti Pro F.R.O. or A.R.C
-Raliegh/Merlin Ti/Carbon with Disc drive.
-Bontrager Race/Race Lite
-Fat Chance Wicked and yo Eddy!
-Bridgestone MB-Zip
-Fisher Competition (fillet brazed)
-Ritchey P-20 or P-Team
-WTB Phoenix
-Mantis XCR
-Merlin Newsboy

choose the order you wish, but I would put the Wicked at the top

Anonymous said...

Yeti Ultimate. Direct descendant of the first elevated chainstay bike. I've had one for the last 19 years, and I think it will last forever.