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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Middleburm Ti Self extracting crank bolts

Some things are so simple but so handy!
Received some Titanium Middleburn self extracting crank bolts,..21 grams

looks great,..works even better

Gold self extracting crank bolts

The cleaning and maintenance of a bike chainset is essential to keeping the best possible shifting performance. In addition, standing dirt and grit on the bottom bracket penetrates seals far faster than if it were given a swift clean at the end of a winters day ride.

This simple level of maintenance can never be as comprehensive as it should be without removing your cranks with a crank extract tool - or a pair of Middleburn self-extract bolts.

With our self-extract bolts all that is required is a 6mm allen key - simple. Anti friction washers ensure minimum effort is required. With the bolt sets available in a range of colours they also provide you with the finishing touch to any bike.

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