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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What to do when you have the flu

Right!,..change the bike that you thought was finished ;)

I replaced again some parts, i was still not satisfied with the looks.
You can say that i am desideless but Rome wasn't build in one day either.
I just need some time to work on the build,..play around, and let it work.

I took the Tioga Disk out again, and replaced it with a new wheelset (Silver Chris King Hubs, DT spokes, Mavic X517 Ceramic rims)
It is a gorgeous set of weels, i have the same in the Serotta, i just love the looks and also the soud it makes ;RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ;)

And then some other parts got replaced;
The Black Syncros Seatpost and bar are now Titanium once, and the Flite Sadel is now a period correct Titanium Flite Sadle

Now it is finally ready to make the first spin around the block -> i know, i am imberrased but i have never used it, not even sat on it,... (Oeps;) )

Monday, 26 January 2009

Ritchey P20 TEAM

Hi, good day to you all,..

I have found myself a new bike; a Ritchey P20 Team.
According to the story's it should be one of the best riding bike's on the market,..and one of the lightest
It is a complete bike with Ritchey gear on it, but i do not like the fork so i should replace it with a nice period correct one, or a Ritchey Logic fork

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

If Bob Marley would be into retro mountainbikes,..

....this would be his rear derailleur

This is the 3Rd rear Paul Derailleur i have; Next to the Red one on the Serotta I have a Silver one and now the Rasta,..

Friday, 16 January 2009

B.O.T.Y at Retrobike

A few months ago , September to be correct, i entered my Serotta ATX on Retrobike for the BoTM (Bike of The Month)
It was a though month with some hard competion but fortunately i won it.
Together will all the other winners and some entries from the runners up this was put into a BoTY .
There were some really really nice entries, a few gorgeous KLEINS, Fat Chance's (Shock-a-Billies, and a grellow Yo), my Serotta and also my Defiant who did not win but was a runner up in June.
The first few days it was between 3 bikes; A beautifull Mountain Goat, The Fat Chance Shock A Billy (SAB) and my Serotta,..
At the end it was the last two who took some distance from the rest.
The end of the poll was 15-01-09, 12 o'clock,...and it was close i can tell you ,..realy close,..I won it by just one vote.

I am very proud that people appreciate the Serotta and the energy i put in to make it my dreambike.

Because i wanted to let the guys at Serotta know that i won,.and that was mostly the result of the impressive rebuild by Serotta i send Russ an email to inform him and thank them for the effort they put into it.
Unfortunately i received an email from someone else at Serotta an email that Russ was no longer working for Serotta but he thanked me for the email.

Hello Bas;

Thank you for the great news!

I’m sorry to say that Russ is no longer with the company, returning to full time duty in the National Guard. I will pass this on….

Kind regards,
Ben Serotta

and another email followed 1 minute later.


Perhaps it is little known, but at the time the Fat City Shockabilly was in production, it was built by the same crew that built the ATX. For a few years, Serotta and Fat City were one production facility operating as Serotta/Fat City LLC.


the email was from Ben Serotta ! how cool is that!
It is like emailing Ferrari and getting an reply from Enzo ;)

The Number 2; the gorgeous Fat Chance Shock-a-Billy from my dear friend Simon
I should have bought it when it was available,.. :-(

The numer 3; an beautifull Mountain Goat.
The bike is two tone,..both sides of the frame have a different colour. Blue / Green
This bike won the June BOTM,..and made my Defiant a number 2 that month,..the same Defiant which went to Simon,..from above ;)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

End of the "How to build the fat chance" poll

Poll ended and Syncros it is,..
Actually i already build it like that because it was my personal favourite build and parts and so do you think too I guess ;)

The DX shimano mechs will be replaced by M900 XTR , and so are the canti brakes; M900 XTR.
Not that i do not like the Campagnolo brakes but i have a NOS XTR brakes F+R left and would look nice (and will be using the Campagnolo brakes on the next bike)

Some detail photo's from the RidgeRunner

Some nice detail shots from the Koga Miyata RidgeRunner 1990
I am not really working on this bike, because an other project which is on it's way from the UK has more priority, but put some parts on now and then, just when i find some parts which should be on there, not really to start searching for the parts yet
For now i have put on the original Shimano U-Brake, the period correct XT deraillieur front and rear, and the correct BB.
Parts i have come across and bought; the correct Rolls sadle
Needs; a Rock Shock 1,..the one wich the pink decals, in 1 inch, an XT seatpost in 27,0,..and a hite rite.
If you are reading this and you have or know where i can get them,,..just drop me a line.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Some of my bikes on another blog

There is a german Blog who posted some of my bikes.
The main subject for the Blog is Neon of Fluor painted bikes, which is very funny.

you can find the blog here; http://neonsolar.blogspot.com/2009/01/amsterdam-is-glowing.html

Thursday, 8 January 2009

building a rider


a bit late but to all of you; i hope you will have a great 2009
For me it is going to be an exciting year, on a personal level,..and on a retro bike level.
Personal i am going to switch jobs soon,..i will keep you guys informed about this one,..it is also "retro" but not with bikes, more about this later.
On the bike level i have started this year with the purchase of a great frame,..which one and how i am going to build it, i will reveal later, not just jet.
I do not have pictures yet but it is a gorgeous, all time classic, and from what i hear; a great ride.....everybody who owns one is raving about is.
It is going to be a steel (what else is new :) ) frame, with a front suspension fork, painted in the same colour as the frame itself.
Parts wise it is not going to be a CNC tricked out bike, but with high level stock , period correct parts,..with the focus on quality because i want to use this bike for riding,...

It will take about another 2 weeks before i get the frame from the UK, the fork needs to be painted, the new decals need to be applied because the frame has gotten a new paintjob, so it is going to be mint! and a great looker...

keep you guys informed..