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Monday, 3 November 2008


Another bike, the bike I actual use the most but the most interesting of the collection is the EASTON.
I just love the ride of this one, cornering is sharp, mainly because of the great handling Pace fork and the stiffness of the frame.
I have been counting but I can not seem to remember when I got this bike, must be around 96 or so, am i getting old? ;)

parts on this bike have not been bought especially for the EASTON but are left overs from other projects but it seems to work and look rather nice, especially in real, the tyres look amazing next to the ALU polished frame and Spinergy SpoX wheels.
Although these parts are leftovers the level of pretty good, mainly Shimano; XT, XTR, RooX, Ritchey,..ect,..

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