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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Paul rear mech on eBay -> did not win! :(

Got up this morning early, alarm went a 6 :(
Logged in on the eBay site to check the current status out from the Paul mech.
At that point it was about 31 USD,..waited untill 1.5 minute to test the water and placed my bid ; put in 61 USD and at that point i was the highest bidder with 40 something,...and then came the problem,.....i couldn't get back on the eBay site! DAMN!!!!!
The only reaction i got that i was outbid with 1 USD at the end so i did not win the Paul,..
I tried to look for the email address of the winner but that is not open,..

better luck next time,...i hope


Jacco said...


ADHD No12 said...

Yes indeed Jacco,...
better luck next time but Radjatoe (Martijn) could maybe help me out, he knows someone with a CNC cutter