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Sunday, 31 May 2009

The next TiMAX chapter

This week I received the long awaited care package from Serotta.
Ben put some extra ORANGE (the Dutch national colour) presents in the package because we had some nice converstation about Holland, Ben has some Dutch heritage.
Thanks Ben,..will wear these with pride,.. :)
A orange Dutch package will go the other way next week.

I just put these on the frame to get an idea where to put the,...and where i need to mark the frame the painter for the panels
Actually i kinda like the look of this right now, what do you guys think?
Clear titanium frame with White panels en black decals?
The metal head tube badge will be put on instead of the "S" decal

The TiMax decal was reproduced by Gil because Serotta was not able to make these any more.

Next step is bringing the frame to the painters,....

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Some urban FAT pictures

Just made some pictures yesterday when i was doing some urban riding around Amsterdam

What you can see is that i now also have applied the TITANIUM decal.
Rody, me bikebuilding hero, sent me an new one,..and it looks great

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pace fork for the TiMax

Bought an Pace RC31 420mm 1st edition corbon fork for the Serotta
It's the magnesium version.

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Meeting the guys

Last weekend I met the guys from the WORLDS event in September.

we had some things to discuss about the event and i have to say, it was a good one!
We also went around the track one time, condition (apart mine) was good, weather great.

The team: from left to right
Ed on his Independent (IF), Mel on his good old Koga, Roy on his bigwheel Groovy and I on the Fat Ti.
Neil,taking the picture, was on his E-stay Chas Roberts

the event is going to ROCK! big time!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Ti minus P = 1368

was curious about the weight of the Serotta TiMax

I am surprised,.in a positive way ;)

Timax minus Paint = 1368gr,..that's impressive for a 18" frame !

(thanks to the Retrobike archive for the old Serotta Scans)

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

OLD-METAL website

Next to the blog i am working on a website.
I hope to build this into a databank for retro mountainbikes untill <'95 but this will take a while and i have so much more to do then just this.
So for now it is only a homepage but i hope to build into a site which will be helpfull for the people who are interested in bikes like this.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

OWMTBC update !!!!

An update regarding the 1st Old World Mountain Bike Championships after the first announcement in February
We are receiving the first registrations so be quick when you have plans to enter...
Email us at : info (at) owmtb.org for further information and check out our website,.. http://www.owmtbc.org/

click the title to get redirected to the bikerader article

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fat Decals

I put on the Fat Chance decals on the downtube.
I tried the TITANIUM one also on the toptube but that one did not want to stick, might be the age of the glue,.. :(
but ,..i am happy with the looks right now.

If you are looking for FAT CHANCE decals, Rody form Groovy Cycles is able to help you out.
You can contact him through his own site : GROOVY CYCLEWORKS

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Stripping, getting naked

Today i have started the Serotta Project.
Now with de decals on it's way from the Serotta factory and the contact with a good painter (i have seen some work and that looks nice) i thought it was time to get myself some paintstripper and start stripping ;)

this was the reason for me that i wanted to get it repainted, the paint looked reasonably well but there were to many chips for my "building standard"

I bought some paint stripper from Alabastine.
Tested it first on a small part of the rear and it worked rather good.
I had to apply it thicker and longer then i first expected but i had time enough so that was no problem

The parts with the decals seemed to be thougher so had to be treated twice and a bit longer

after the paintstripper i used some Brillo wool to get clean the frame and remove the last spots and paintstripper remains
underneath the iconic orange paint a beautifully welded titanium frame came to the front.

and mentioned before : this is the color scheme i am going for :

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