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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


no guys,..i have not bought one myself (yet) unfortuantely.

Merlin, founded in 1986, was one of the earliest maker of titanium mountain bikes
One of the bikes which made a big impact and still does is the MERLIN NEWSBOY.
If you would ask people to mention their top 5 mountainbikes i think there is a 99% chance that it will include the NEWSBOY although this is to my opinion more a beachcruiser then MTB, i don't think you will ever find someone who is using the NEWSBOY for some serious riding ..
Mainly because it looks like a cruiser but also because these limited to 100 pieces 1994 bikes are so damn valuable
Retail price was more or less 5000 USD back in '94
When it first came out my LBS had one, a 19" and i was tempted but the frame was 2 big and I do not like big frames, it was out of proportion.

They made in 2001 the follow up, still 30's retro styled frame but now with discbrakes and a special designed suspension fork.

In 2004 Merlin introduced the ROOTS.
This was in the same retro line, look and feel but styled like a 30's Klunker:

here are some pictures stolen from the internet...
Isn't a beaut?

i would live to get one myself one day,.but would build it like a cruiser with a Rohloff hub and classic details (brown Brooks stuff) like this one :


Anonymous said...

Those had to be a pain to make, in talking to Mr. Kish in his infinite wisdom curving the tubes is not very easy at all!


Dan O said...

Those bikes were cool for sure.

RetroTec is still making similar frames: http://www.ingliscycles.com/

Anonymous said...

I remember back in the day, The owner of Retrotec would race down the Kamikazi wearing only a speedo! I cant remember if he did the izakimak ( Kamikazi spelt backwards and was the up hill race on the same course of the kamikazi)too but I think so. He was a very average build with a bit of shed built over his tools. I was very funny!!!!


david said...

In a spastic fit of inspiration Schwinn made 19.5lb 7005 aluminum cantilever framed bike that had the same geometry as there very expensive hand-built HomeGrown mtb race bikes. They were available only in black. I owned one and would regularly ambush other riders on climbs. It looked every bit as nice as the Newsboy but because it didn't cost $5000 dentists and lawyers wouldn't buy them and the bikes remain a fairly well kept secret. Sadly Schwinn seems to go bankrupt every 3 years and the bike shave long since been discontinued.

Jesús said...

Beautiful bike
now i'm searching for one!!

Nice blog
Visit mine: http://www.pedalesychuletones.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Bought mine when it first came out. Raced it for years including Norba races, always had people cheering me on. Still use it as my only Mtn bike! Great frame, stiffer than a standard Merlin. It will never wear out!!