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Thursday, 29 April 2010

M900 casette

Received the next chapter today to complete the wheelset; the rear M900 casette
It's a NOS: CS-M900-I, improved stiffer spider; weight 316 Gr (P-type) : rings from 12-32

An old Boulder Bicycles Defiant ad


Evening picture

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yet another Nuke Proof Bar

Received the combo bar today from Richard (thanks again Mr_Ship)

Unfortunately the German DHL lost the Barends last month which i bought from Christian,

don't get confused, Christian and I seem to have the same floor ;)

I was almost there to copy this old catalogue picture ;)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The M900 RD + FD

Received the rear derrailleur today,..
These M900 parts look so nice!

i think i won't be using the shifters but instead the XT thumbies,..

this M900 RD has a custom carbon rear panel to save some weight; 12 grams that is ;)

Monday, 26 April 2010

XT thumbies or M900 Sti's

For my next build, The Nuke Proof "Brooklyn Flyer", have i bought some gear already.
My main theme with this bike is going to be : build to ride ;)
The parts that i am going to use need to be
1)  Nuke Proof brand
2) Light
3) Nuke Proof, like in Idiot proof
4) Period correct
5) hopefully all of the above

Color wise I am going for Blue accents

1 of the parts that i bought for this build are the M900 sti's

These shifters are like new and look just beautiful.
Other M900 parts which are going to be used are:
- M900 rear cassette
- M900 Front derrailleur
- M900 Rear derrailleur
- M900 F+R canti-brakes
- M900 cables

but now the issue,...yesterday i used the Serotta TiMax and that one is equipped with Paul thumbies.
I love riding with Thumbies so much that i want to put them on the NP aswell,..but these are XT and not XTR,... :$ 
What to do?

Parts that are on the frame already and will be used are:
- Topline cranks
- Tioga Carbo Seatpost
- Tioga a-Headset

Other parts:
- Nuke Proof Carbon Wheelset
- Nuke Proof kevlar handlebar
- Nuke Proof Stem
- Nuke Proof titanium Skewers
- Nuke Proof Cockroach ;)
- Rock Shox Mag 21 SL titanium with MD brace
- Ringle H2O
- Flite Titanium
- Tioga Psycho Kevlar tires (Amber or black)
- depending on the shifters but maybe Dia Compe S05 levers

now, where is the frame? ;)

Schoorl bike ride - Serotta / Nuke Proof

Yesterday i went to Schoorl with my girlfriend.
It was Deborah's first time to go offroad with her bike, she is using the Nuke Proof.

It was great fun!,...and she likes it so we will be doing this again soon.

Deborah totally beat ;)

Retrobike MBR Article March 2010

My dear friends from Retrobike were featured in MBR in March 
hereby the 4 pages 
I think it is so cool!,....

great pictures guys!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Nuke Proof Cockroach

You fucking cockroach sound bite

The logo from the brand Nuke Proof is a Cockroach, because it is the only living creature that would survive a nuclear explosion
The logo was occasionally clued to the headtube but not every frame left the factory with one, and it they did the chance is big that during the year it fell off
I have 2 nuke proof frames without the badge but trough my good Nuke Proof friend David (this and this one)
i now have 2 brand new logo's

Thank you so much David! i owe you one,..again,..

Tioga "the underrated brand"

On the Brooklyn flyer which is on it's way, it was posted last monday from the US, there are 2 parts from Tioga.
It's a Tioga Mountaineer Carbo and Tioga Carbo seatpost.
I was looking on the internet to find some info about these parts and there is little written about these parts.
I guess Tioga is the brand from the famous Tioga Disc and the Psycho tires,..(and the T-Bone stem, revolver cranks) and not so much about the loads of other great stuff they made.
Somehow Tioga is more affordable and less bling then the other brands like Ringle and Kooka and therefore less wanted i guess,.....
When i found the info in the catalogue which is mentioned below i realized that these Carbon parts are from the early 90's. 92/93,..this has to be one of the first production carbon parts available,..

the catalogue is 30 pages and i only show the pages with the well known info

and my new Nuke hubed wheels with the Amber Psycho K tires

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Old-Metal blogspot youtube channel

just an experiment,..


Nuke Proof carbon Wheelset

came in today for the new Nuke Proof project,..

NICE ! :)

Let's try this,..

I have been trying some different parts on the Goat

A Youtube clip from this bike: Mountain Goat on Youtube

Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer finally at home,..

Today i got my Mountain Goat Whiskeytown racer
It's a really nice frame, Black with orange panels and new decals and yellow splatter like we know from Mountain Goat
Obviously i couldn't wait to build this one right way with some parts that i had ready to be used.
I do not like the stem and the grips, also i thought that the Brooks would look good but i do not like it.
It's an early 90's Goat so therefore i am using the XT M732/735 parts in combination with some other period correct parts.
My main issue is that the bike could be to small for me.
The seatpost is long enough but i am 182cm tall and not a lightweight,.. :$
I might want to build this one for my GF, maybe she can use it, on the other hand she also has got the Nuke Proof titanium so i might have to go and use it myself, atleast try it  

- Shimano XT M735 hubed wheelset with Araya rims and DT spokes
- Shimano XT M732 Thumbies
- Shimano XT M735 rear and front derrailleur
- Shimano XT M735 cantibrakes
- DiaComp 005 Levers
- Stronglight headset
- Cook Bros RSR cranks
- IRC Seatpost 
- Brooks Swift saddle (it is going to be replaced)
- Rock Shox Mag 21 fork
- Mountain Goat stem (is going to be replaced)
- Mountain Goat Granola barends

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Barracuda Urban Assault Vehicle

A nice find by my friend David.
He found this one on Craigslist, thank god i do not live in the Us otherwise i would have bought all the bikes from CL,.so much nice finds on there ;)

This is a mint Barracuda specially made for the police force.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mountain Goat Whiskey Town Racer article

An article about the bike i hoping to receive today.

Was rather an expensive bike according to the article ;)

also nice to see the other ad's like CQP and ProStop,...