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Friday, 14 November 2008

Syncros Seatpost 2

The second Syncros Seatpost came in this week,..this one is as good as new,..looks much better.
Now waiting for the Syncros Ti,...and see how that looks,.....then i will decide which one to go for,..
And i am also thinking of replacing the Brooks or the flite sadle, might be a bit better looking ,.. :$


Joe said...

I'm drooling at all the vintage parts you got there! Helps that the dollar is weak, eh?

ADHD No12 said...

Hi Joe,

well,..most of my parts are from the UK or Germany but the GBP is weak aswell.
I have bought some Paul parts in the US, the front red Paul comp mech, The red Paul Motolites,..and those were not cheap because these are wanted by many ,...

but thanks for the nice comment.