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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fat Chance update

hi guys,

just a small update on the Fat Chance Yo Eddy project.
I was puting the parts of and on, changing them frequently and i think i know what i am going to do, sort of ;-)
And again i am using the Syncros brand, how surprising ;-) hehehe

From all the seatposts i have i will be using the black post.

And i think I know what is wrong with the allover look of the bike,.. i was discussing this with Martijn, it just did not seem to be right, like it was missing something,..it's the wheelset.
I replaced the ritchey Speedmax by WTB tryres which have a bit more body and it looks a bit better but the solution will have to be, darker rims.
These Campagnolo rims just look to shiney, i guess greyish mavic sub rims will do the job,..and when i am going to replace the rims i guys the hubs will be replaced by some silver or black once now i am at it...

Then there are the other parts
There is now a ringle TiStix seatclamb installed, the ringle Blue Ti-Stix at the wheels will be de-anodized and polished to match the other one, the Syncros Revolutions will get a new biggest ring, also Syncros but one less goldy,..will replace it with the one i have on the Serotta, i guess for both bikes it will work out better.

here some more pictures

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