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Saturday, 20 March 2010

private gallery

just a list of my (old) bikes

Fat Chance Titanium

Fat Chance Yo Eddy Aquafade

Ritchey P20 Team 


Klein Pinnacle 

Klein Pinnacle Elite

Klein Rascal

Klein Attitude

Klein Attitude

Klein Attitude

Serotta ATX

Serotta TMax

Serotta TiMax

Serotta Colorado TRi

Ibis Mojo

Nuke Proof Titanium

Nuke Proof Brooklyn Flyer Titanium

Nuke Proof titanium with Manitou 3 Disc

Mountain Goat Whiskeytown racer 

Nishiki Alien 

Nishiki Cascade

Boulder Defiant

Seven custom

Koga Miyata Explosion

Koga Miyata RidgeRunner

Scott ProOnly

Raleigh Proline titanium

Muddy Fox

Cannondale 2X2

Cannondale M500

Giant Sierra

Alpinestars CroMega LX

No picture


Dan O said...

You have an amazing collection of cool vintage bikes - wow. Out of all of 'em - I'll take the ti Fat or the Ibis.

I just sold off my '87 Ibis Trials Comp on eBay - along with some other vintage stuff. Bit of a garage sale to score some dough for modern bike upgrades.

I hope you're doing well. Enjoyed looking at your collection !!

Casper said...

Hi Bas,

As Always... Stunning!

I ran into this clip on youtube and thought it might be of interest for you.



OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Casper.

i already spotted the youtube clip ;)


Joe said...

Wow, that's quite a collection of good 90s stuff. I'm intrigued by the Seven, as there are details that are quite different from mine, although the drop-out is the same. Specifically, the seatpost clamp and the canti brake stop. I don't think I've ever seen a Seven with a seatpost clamp like yours. Mine is from 1998.