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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Syncros Revolution Cranks

I always had a soft spot for the SYNCROS brand.
On all of my builds you will find some of them, The Stems are a must have classic, the bars are great, the seatposts are one of the most wanted once (especially the 29,4mm sized, but i just love the Revolution cranks.
At the moment i have 2 sets, the last one i bought was broken at the paddle connection and a great friend who has all the right connections helped me out and it looks like new again, really stunning,..THANKS MARTIJN!

The other set I bought form a retrobike member the beginning of this year and looks like to be something really special.
This set has a engraved SYNCROS brand name instead of the normal sticker.
I looked trough the internet and asked around hoping to find the answer but the only reaction i got is that it must be really very very rare,..

I also found the original installation manual; http://web.archive.org/web/19961226004841/www.syncros.com/pdf/CrStEng.pdf

The set with the engraved SYNCROS logo is currently fit on my Boulder Bicycles Defiant which has SYNCROS parts all over

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