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Friday, 12 November 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010


This morning i went to my ex-GF to pick up my last things, including 1 of my Nuke Proof Titanium bikes 
she told me that the bike was stolen 3 weeks ago outside the local supermarket in Hoorn but she did not dare to tell me before,.. 
she couldn't believe it herself, she said it was like they picked up the bike and put it in a car and drove of because it all took place in 5 minutes. 
Well,.offcourse !,..she did not lock the bike to a fence or something else,..only the bike agains the outside wall of the building. 

so please keep your eyes open to this bike 
it was my best riding bike. 
Nuke Proof Titanium FRame 
Chris King Headset (Red) 
Titanium Bar 
M900 sifter parts 
Tioga Cabo seatpost 
XC judy with AC bridge 
Rond Wheels 
Nuke Proof Stem 
Paul Comp Canti brakes 
Syncros QR's 

everything in mint condition 

if you have a tip, please et me know, and i will pay you in goodies and love 
if you can point out where the guy lives there is a lovely bonus and you can watch me what i can do with an icehockey mask and a chainsaw 

Sunday, 22 August 2010

a Swiss Nuke Proof

Another Nuke Proof Titanium turned up,.. :)
Stephane emailed me with a picture of his gorgeous equipped Nuke Proof

Parts that i recognize:
- Kooka cranks
- Rock Shox FSX
- Nuke Proof hubed wheels
- Dean Titanium seatpost
- CK headset
- Ringle Stem
- Flite saddle
- Grip shift `SRT800
- Onza brakes
- XTR M900 

unfortunately his front wheel got stolen so if someone has a spare Nuke Proof hubed wheel or single hub just leave a comment.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010


only a few pics, really bussy today

I need some parts for this build, parts that i even sold myself :$
Plan is to build it with M950 parts, combined with some non shimano parts

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Next Nuke Proof project

According to the USPS site my next Nuke Proof project is on its way

i already got some new decals from Gil because although i have not seen the frame yet, it needs to get a respray

and these are some pictures that Ryan took a few weeks back.
He helped me out , thanks for that again mate, keep the retro spirit alive !
Ryan picked the bike up from the seller because he did not want to ship himself

cant wait to get it tomorrow :)

The sort of finished 2nd Nuke Proof project

Last time i showed the AMP fork in the Nuke proof but for some reason i didn't like to look of that.
I wanted something different

On the local Marktplaats I found something really really special; a Manitou 3 Disk

This fork is brandnew, only put in a bike once for a showbike from the SACHS factory.
Sachs was the first with a working production disk brake called the powerdisk 

It came complete with the front wheen and Sachs New Success hub.
I have never seen anything like this before, but that hub is soooooo pretty and it runs forever if you give it a swing
Because i like matching parts i started looking for a matching rear hub but ended finding a complete nos Sachs new Success group,..absolutely gorgeous, a bit heavy but looks like bullet proof like me.
Also visualy it looks great icw the blue of the Nuke Proof Decals.

the bike now got:
Frame: Nuke Proof Titanium made by Litespeed ; former Team Brooklyn bike

Fork: Manitou 3 Disc

Headset: Chris King
Stem: Nuke Proof
Handlebar: Nuke Proof
Grips: Sachs
Barends: None, looking for Nuke Proof

Brakes: FRont Sachs Powerdisc; rear Suntour SE
Brake Pads: front Sachs ; Suntour rear
Brake Cables: Sachs and Shimano
Cantilever cable hangers: Suntour at the back
Brake Levers: Sachs

Shifters: Sachs Powergrips
Front Derailleur: Sachs New Success
Rear Derailleur: Sachs New Success
Derailleur Cables: Sachs
Cassette: XT for now but will be replaced
Chain: XT
Cranks: Cook Bros RSR but might be replaced
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN92
Pedals: Onza

Hub Skewers: Nuke Proof titanium
Rims: will be replaced by Campagnolo
Hubs: Front Sachs new success, rear XT but a Sachs New Success is being made at the mo
Tyres: Tioga Psycho
Tubes: Michelin

Saddle: Flite Titanium
Seatpost: Tioga Carbo
Seatpost Binder: Nike Proof own 

i know , i know,...so much to tell ;)

okay, i found the time again to put some updates on the blog,...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

THE GLOBAL BIKE RIDE - 10-10-10 10:10 AM

Inspired by the "Retrobike Global Night Ride" 
I was impressed by the great response and nice individual groups that joined the Ride.
So i was thinking, why not try to make this a wider Global Bike thing, just try to get as much people as possible at the same time on the bike (besides the timezone's) regardless if it is a (Retro)mountainbike, Tour or race,..just enjoy riding their bike.

I would love to hear and see the individual story and pictures and initiatives from around the world

Because the internet is a strong tool in this case i made a FACEBOOK page to collect all story's and people in 1 place 

I would like to hear what you think about this and if you support this initiative and own a facebook profile, please ad yourself and spread the word, let me see what your plans are for 10-10-10 10:10am

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


hang in there guys,..update will follow shortly, have some things to tell and show,..but so little time

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The AMP suspension fork

For the brooklyn Flyer NP bike i am trying to keep the weight down.
And because i want to try something different this time i am taking out the Rockshox Mag 21 forks and replace them with a AMP suspension fork

the AMP forks are 1225 gram with the uncut steerer

the Rockshox are 1399 gram with the lighter custom MD brace

that's a big difference for just a fork!

and this is what it looks right now.

doesn't look that bad i think.
Never used one, i want to try this asap.
Now where are the bloody canti's ;)

or should i put the Suntour XC brakes (SE) on?
Naaaahhhhhhh,..stick to the M900's...but if it takes to long i will use them.

Brooklyn Flyer the progress

I took the bike apart and removed the decals, my nails are gone!
The original Nuke Proof decals were still visible under the Brooklyn Flyer decals.
1441 grams for the frame ain't that bad.
Not as light as the Serotta TiMax but absolutely not bad at all.
When i have finished this build i will put it against the other Nuke Proof Titanium, you can see some clear differences between this early Litespeed made frame and the newer Nuke Proof inhouse made frame.
Differences that i did not see in the first place but the way the frames are made are in detail totally different, i wonder if the handling is any different.

Gil made some great new blue with black outerline logo's,..these look great with the natural titanium finish.

the way the bike looks now is not the final build.
I am looking for a different type of suspension fork; i think the Mag 21 Sl looks nice but i want to try something else this time.

XTR M900 Canti's

waiting for the canti brakes, these are on it's way from the UK.
But in the meantime i found some new XTR  M900 brake blocks, my god these are getting rare and so the price is keep going up and up,.. :$ but i have a M900 theme to stick to ;)

Friday, 7 May 2010

The new project arrived

I do not think that i have ever been looking forward to the arrival of a frame more then this one.

I used the other NP yesterday and that is sooooooo sweet, the best rider i have ever had, and this will hopefully be even a bit better.
The weight of this one will be lower and therefore even better handling :)

The box arrived

and i was curious what it would look like with some parts ;)

can't wait to get it cleaned, brushed to it's original looks with the new decals.
It will take some time because i want to parts to be perfect so everything will be cleaned, polished and tweaked 

Thursday, 29 April 2010

M900 casette

Received the next chapter today to complete the wheelset; the rear M900 casette
It's a NOS: CS-M900-I, improved stiffer spider; weight 316 Gr (P-type) : rings from 12-32

An old Boulder Bicycles Defiant ad


Evening picture

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yet another Nuke Proof Bar

Received the combo bar today from Richard (thanks again Mr_Ship)

Unfortunately the German DHL lost the Barends last month which i bought from Christian,

don't get confused, Christian and I seem to have the same floor ;)

I was almost there to copy this old catalogue picture ;)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The M900 RD + FD

Received the rear derrailleur today,..
These M900 parts look so nice!

i think i won't be using the shifters but instead the XT thumbies,..

this M900 RD has a custom carbon rear panel to save some weight; 12 grams that is ;)

Monday, 26 April 2010

XT thumbies or M900 Sti's

For my next build, The Nuke Proof "Brooklyn Flyer", have i bought some gear already.
My main theme with this bike is going to be : build to ride ;)
The parts that i am going to use need to be
1)  Nuke Proof brand
2) Light
3) Nuke Proof, like in Idiot proof
4) Period correct
5) hopefully all of the above

Color wise I am going for Blue accents

1 of the parts that i bought for this build are the M900 sti's

These shifters are like new and look just beautiful.
Other M900 parts which are going to be used are:
- M900 rear cassette
- M900 Front derrailleur
- M900 Rear derrailleur
- M900 F+R canti-brakes
- M900 cables

but now the issue,...yesterday i used the Serotta TiMax and that one is equipped with Paul thumbies.
I love riding with Thumbies so much that i want to put them on the NP aswell,..but these are XT and not XTR,... :$ 
What to do?

Parts that are on the frame already and will be used are:
- Topline cranks
- Tioga Carbo Seatpost
- Tioga a-Headset

Other parts:
- Nuke Proof Carbon Wheelset
- Nuke Proof kevlar handlebar
- Nuke Proof Stem
- Nuke Proof titanium Skewers
- Nuke Proof Cockroach ;)
- Rock Shox Mag 21 SL titanium with MD brace
- Ringle H2O
- Flite Titanium
- Tioga Psycho Kevlar tires (Amber or black)
- depending on the shifters but maybe Dia Compe S05 levers

now, where is the frame? ;)

Schoorl bike ride - Serotta / Nuke Proof

Yesterday i went to Schoorl with my girlfriend.
It was Deborah's first time to go offroad with her bike, she is using the Nuke Proof.

It was great fun!,...and she likes it so we will be doing this again soon.

Deborah totally beat ;)