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Friday, 7 May 2010

The new project arrived

I do not think that i have ever been looking forward to the arrival of a frame more then this one.

I used the other NP yesterday and that is sooooooo sweet, the best rider i have ever had, and this will hopefully be even a bit better.
The weight of this one will be lower and therefore even better handling :)

The box arrived

and i was curious what it would look like with some parts ;)

can't wait to get it cleaned, brushed to it's original looks with the new decals.
It will take some time because i want to parts to be perfect so everything will be cleaned, polished and tweaked 


Dan O said...

NIce! Another project to post on - cool.

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Dan,

i will post some progress in a minute, i have done some stuff already :)

post away hehehehe