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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The M900 RD + FD

Received the rear derrailleur today,..
These M900 parts look so nice!

i think i won't be using the shifters but instead the XT thumbies,..

this M900 RD has a custom carbon rear panel to save some weight; 12 grams that is ;)


Jason T. Nunemaker said...

I'm a huge fan of the M900 group... one of the best-looking and best performing parts kits ever, in my opinion.

Never seen or heard of that custom carbon plate before... was it a commonly-available upgrade or some kind of one-off custom job?

Jason, a.k.a. The Cycle (http://cyclescribe.blogspot.com/)

OLD-METAL said...

hi Jason,

that was a upgrade but i can't remember what brand it is.
Back then there were so many small companies that made stuff like this, companies not bigger then your garage ;)