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Monday, 26 July 2010

The sort of finished 2nd Nuke Proof project

Last time i showed the AMP fork in the Nuke proof but for some reason i didn't like to look of that.
I wanted something different

On the local Marktplaats I found something really really special; a Manitou 3 Disk

This fork is brandnew, only put in a bike once for a showbike from the SACHS factory.
Sachs was the first with a working production disk brake called the powerdisk 

It came complete with the front wheen and Sachs New Success hub.
I have never seen anything like this before, but that hub is soooooo pretty and it runs forever if you give it a swing
Because i like matching parts i started looking for a matching rear hub but ended finding a complete nos Sachs new Success group,..absolutely gorgeous, a bit heavy but looks like bullet proof like me.
Also visualy it looks great icw the blue of the Nuke Proof Decals.

the bike now got:
Frame: Nuke Proof Titanium made by Litespeed ; former Team Brooklyn bike

Fork: Manitou 3 Disc

Headset: Chris King
Stem: Nuke Proof
Handlebar: Nuke Proof
Grips: Sachs
Barends: None, looking for Nuke Proof

Brakes: FRont Sachs Powerdisc; rear Suntour SE
Brake Pads: front Sachs ; Suntour rear
Brake Cables: Sachs and Shimano
Cantilever cable hangers: Suntour at the back
Brake Levers: Sachs

Shifters: Sachs Powergrips
Front Derailleur: Sachs New Success
Rear Derailleur: Sachs New Success
Derailleur Cables: Sachs
Cassette: XT for now but will be replaced
Chain: XT
Cranks: Cook Bros RSR but might be replaced
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN92
Pedals: Onza

Hub Skewers: Nuke Proof titanium
Rims: will be replaced by Campagnolo
Hubs: Front Sachs new success, rear XT but a Sachs New Success is being made at the mo
Tyres: Tioga Psycho
Tubes: Michelin

Saddle: Flite Titanium
Seatpost: Tioga Carbo
Seatpost Binder: Nike Proof own 


Dan O said...

Interesting - have never seen a Manitou 3 fork with a disk mount. That's wild.

I used to run that same fork, cantilever of course, back in the day. I remember dumping muddy water out of it for "maintenance". Ah, the wonders of plastic bumpers and a greased rod for "damping".

I have one of those forks, totally rebuilt with very low hours on it, laying in the garage - along with the manual, extra bumpers and other parts. It's all been sitting in a drawer since 1999 or so.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

according to my info, only a handfull have been made, i found some info on a 2nd one somewhere in the US

i also have a second one , the normal one (nos) but no frame yet to put them in


jpdykema said...

Hi. Just so you know, this bike was built by Nuke Proof, not Litespeed. The Nuke built ones have the top tube meeting the seat tube below where the seat stays meet the top tube.

de-walden said...

I have had manitou 3 and 4 forks and efc forks since they first came out,i have replaced elastomers several times but have NEVER had to 'dump muddy water out' the seals for something near 20 years old were very good ;-)