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Saturday, 15 May 2010

The AMP suspension fork

For the brooklyn Flyer NP bike i am trying to keep the weight down.
And because i want to try something different this time i am taking out the Rockshox Mag 21 forks and replace them with a AMP suspension fork

the AMP forks are 1225 gram with the uncut steerer

the Rockshox are 1399 gram with the lighter custom MD brace

that's a big difference for just a fork!

and this is what it looks right now.

doesn't look that bad i think.
Never used one, i want to try this asap.
Now where are the bloody canti's ;)

or should i put the Suntour XC brakes (SE) on?
Naaaahhhhhhh,..stick to the M900's...but if it takes to long i will use them.

1 comment:

Dan O said...

I remember those forks - though tried one.

From what I remember, the worked well, but were fragile. Don't quote me on that.

Cool build.