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Monday, 26 April 2010

XT thumbies or M900 Sti's

For my next build, The Nuke Proof "Brooklyn Flyer", have i bought some gear already.
My main theme with this bike is going to be : build to ride ;)
The parts that i am going to use need to be
1)  Nuke Proof brand
2) Light
3) Nuke Proof, like in Idiot proof
4) Period correct
5) hopefully all of the above

Color wise I am going for Blue accents

1 of the parts that i bought for this build are the M900 sti's

These shifters are like new and look just beautiful.
Other M900 parts which are going to be used are:
- M900 rear cassette
- M900 Front derrailleur
- M900 Rear derrailleur
- M900 F+R canti-brakes
- M900 cables

but now the issue,...yesterday i used the Serotta TiMax and that one is equipped with Paul thumbies.
I love riding with Thumbies so much that i want to put them on the NP aswell,..but these are XT and not XTR,... :$ 
What to do?

Parts that are on the frame already and will be used are:
- Topline cranks
- Tioga Carbo Seatpost
- Tioga a-Headset

Other parts:
- Nuke Proof Carbon Wheelset
- Nuke Proof kevlar handlebar
- Nuke Proof Stem
- Nuke Proof titanium Skewers
- Nuke Proof Cockroach ;)
- Rock Shox Mag 21 SL titanium with MD brace
- Ringle H2O
- Flite Titanium
- Tioga Psycho Kevlar tires (Amber or black)
- depending on the shifters but maybe Dia Compe S05 levers

now, where is the frame? ;)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a vintage Nuke Proof sticker sheet. Have any extras?

OLD-METAL said...

Email me on basads@gmail.com and see if i can help you out :)