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Sunday, 17 October 2010


This morning i went to my ex-GF to pick up my last things, including 1 of my Nuke Proof Titanium bikes 
she told me that the bike was stolen 3 weeks ago outside the local supermarket in Hoorn but she did not dare to tell me before,.. 
she couldn't believe it herself, she said it was like they picked up the bike and put it in a car and drove of because it all took place in 5 minutes. 
Well,.offcourse !,..she did not lock the bike to a fence or something else,..only the bike agains the outside wall of the building. 

so please keep your eyes open to this bike 
it was my best riding bike. 
Nuke Proof Titanium FRame 
Chris King Headset (Red) 
Titanium Bar 
M900 sifter parts 
Tioga Cabo seatpost 
XC judy with AC bridge 
Rond Wheels 
Nuke Proof Stem 
Paul Comp Canti brakes 
Syncros QR's 

everything in mint condition 

if you have a tip, please et me know, and i will pay you in goodies and love 
if you can point out where the guy lives there is a lovely bonus and you can watch me what i can do with an icehockey mask and a chainsaw 


Joe said...

Oh no! I'm sorry for you and hope you recover the bike.

As for the girlfriend, dump her.

Dan O said...

That's too bad - and chances are the idiots that stole it have no idea what it is.

Casper said...

I'll have a look in this part of the country

Petr Hausbeck aka (DJpHbalance) said...

Are you kidding me? With a bike like that I would never let it out of my sites. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you recover it soon! All the best Petr

Anonymous said...

Wat een dom wijf..

Neen...wat een dom kt wijf!

OLD-METAL said...

Gelukkig is de fiets weer terug en ziet we weer helemaal top uit ..
En ach... Boos ben ik allang niet meer hahaha