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Friday, 23 April 2010

Tioga "the underrated brand"

On the Brooklyn flyer which is on it's way, it was posted last monday from the US, there are 2 parts from Tioga.
It's a Tioga Mountaineer Carbo and Tioga Carbo seatpost.
I was looking on the internet to find some info about these parts and there is little written about these parts.
I guess Tioga is the brand from the famous Tioga Disc and the Psycho tires,..(and the T-Bone stem, revolver cranks) and not so much about the loads of other great stuff they made.
Somehow Tioga is more affordable and less bling then the other brands like Ringle and Kooka and therefore less wanted i guess,.....
When i found the info in the catalogue which is mentioned below i realized that these Carbon parts are from the early 90's. 92/93,..this has to be one of the first production carbon parts available,..

the catalogue is 30 pages and i only show the pages with the well known info

and my new Nuke hubed wheels with the Amber Psycho K tires


Dan O said...

That disk wheel was cool as hell at the time.

I have mint condition T-Bone stem in my garage. It will eventually wind up something.

Kevin said...

I have a pair of very used Tioga Clipman pedals that I just finally replaced on my '92 GT Ricochet.

I never truly liked them, as they were always way to stiff on entry, and released much to easily, but I always thought it was just me.

Without the interwebs in those days, you couldn't get the plethora of reviews that you can now, which has lead me to believe it wasn't just me, they just weren't very good pedals.