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Friday, 23 April 2010

Nuke Proof Cockroach

You fucking cockroach sound bite

The logo from the brand Nuke Proof is a Cockroach, because it is the only living creature that would survive a nuclear explosion
The logo was occasionally clued to the headtube but not every frame left the factory with one, and it they did the chance is big that during the year it fell off
I have 2 nuke proof frames without the badge but trough my good Nuke Proof friend David (this and this one)
i now have 2 brand new logo's

Thank you so much David! i owe you one,..again,..


David Bosch said...

Not quite a nuclear blast but it looks like the cockroaches survived Iceland's volcanic eruption and the ash cloud that stopped Europe's air travel for the past week. Glad that they arrived safely!

Petr Hausbeck aka (DJpHbalance) said...

No doubt those head badges are rare, I have never seen one and David hooked you up big time!

OLD-METAL said...

I owe David big time ;)

OLD-METAL said...
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Shawn Everson said...

Just purchased the rear end and headtube for a NukeProof Carbon/Titanium MTB frame, would love to get my hands on a cockroach headtube badge.

Anyone out there have one?

email me at shawn.everson@ingramcontent.com