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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer finally at home,..

Today i got my Mountain Goat Whiskeytown racer
It's a really nice frame, Black with orange panels and new decals and yellow splatter like we know from Mountain Goat
Obviously i couldn't wait to build this one right way with some parts that i had ready to be used.
I do not like the stem and the grips, also i thought that the Brooks would look good but i do not like it.
It's an early 90's Goat so therefore i am using the XT M732/735 parts in combination with some other period correct parts.
My main issue is that the bike could be to small for me.
The seatpost is long enough but i am 182cm tall and not a lightweight,.. :$
I might want to build this one for my GF, maybe she can use it, on the other hand she also has got the Nuke Proof titanium so i might have to go and use it myself, atleast try it  

- Shimano XT M735 hubed wheelset with Araya rims and DT spokes
- Shimano XT M732 Thumbies
- Shimano XT M735 rear and front derrailleur
- Shimano XT M735 cantibrakes
- DiaComp 005 Levers
- Stronglight headset
- Cook Bros RSR cranks
- IRC Seatpost 
- Brooks Swift saddle (it is going to be replaced)
- Rock Shox Mag 21 fork
- Mountain Goat stem (is going to be replaced)
- Mountain Goat Granola barends

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