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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tange Cr-Moly "FAT" Blades

I have been looking around the internet about the Tange fork i got from Chris.
And as it seems these forks have been designed by Fat City Cycles for Tange :)

makes me feel good that they are not strange to the Fat Chance Titanium which they are in.


Dan O said...

Finding an original Fat fork can be tough - and expensive.

Check this guy out. He builds replica Fat forks:


OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan

thanks for the tip.
I know Waltworks, there is one for sale right now on ebay, new for only 149 euro but i kinda like the look of this Tange.
It is a bit different then all the other Fat Chance Titanium that you see around the internet.
They all have the straight BOI or some suspension forks,..and this is original and original ;)
I also have been in contact with Rody for some BOI titanium forks but there is a time for everything ;)