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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A day with good KarmA!

When i was looking for a rigid fork for the Fat I had 2 forks in mind
It was the BOI (Big one inch) original Fat fork, and the Tange rigid fork
I put an add up on retrobike that I was looking for a 1" ahead rigid fork, shortly after I was contacted by Chris,..he had the Tange Struts available,..if it was something i was looking for,..
I totally freaked out!,..did not expect to find a beautifull fork so fast,..and now the best part,..i could have it for shipping cost! 8 pounds,..that's it! How cool is that!
And the "Tange FAT blades" is a fork that also was available as a factory option from Fat Chance so that feels good too ;)

today I got a well packed fork and it is better then i expected,..it is bloody amazing!

thank you so much Chris, i owe you one big time!

but it doesn't end there! :lol:

last week I was contacted through this blog by a kind guy from New Zealand: Tristan Thomas
He enjoyed reading this OLD-METAL blog and wanted my address.
He told me he had 2 NOS Titanium Hope Hubs left , for years without using them, and wanted me to send me these, free of charge, he HOPE's I could use them, because he wasn't ;)

Tristan is a wheelbuilder: www.wheelworks.co.nz
Tristan, thank you so much for being this kind, i will try to make good use of them


Dan O said...

Nice update. Great deal on the fork and hubs.

I also replied to your other post with this info:http://waltworks.blogspot.com/2009/03/yo.html

US frame builder that also makes replica Fat type forks.

Radjatoe said...

Pff...that wasn't a 1 april joke then Bas..??

Bloody hell, you're such a lucky man..

i'd love to see the fat in real life..

OLD-METAL said...


we have to meet soon, Kirsten is on holiday right now but when she is back we are going to make an appointment ;)