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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

ONZA titanium Barends

onZa titanium bar ends! OnZa, for those who aren't mountain biking old farts like me, were the company that popularised bar ends and made some of the most ludicrously expensive ones, welded from 3/2.5 titanium including the clamp. A later version used the same forged clamp as onZa's all-aluminium bar ends (1993), and that is the one i found last week.
I am only missing the decals in orange so if there is anyone out there with a spare set?,..drop me a line.

Back in the day onZa made a wide range of MTB parts: like the HO range: Paddles (i have the normal steel and titanium (axle) ones), Cranks which are extremely rare, and the HO canti brakes, they also made v-brakes, these were called Hola's


Dan O said...

I remember Onza well. My MB-Zip that I recently sold still had the Onza bar ends on it.

I never used their pedals, but remember them - plastic bumpers hold the cleat in place - no springs.

I may have a set of Onza stickers in my pile of old stickers - I'll check. If I do, will send them out. I'll let you know.

Bar ends are only used by full on XC Geeks now - me included. I currently have some short carbon Profile bar ends on my Cannondale.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

i used Onza's on my Serotta T-Max back in 94 i think, and Control sticks on the Serotta atx (were these from Specialized? ) and if i remember correctly Craig Baracuda barends on the Klein Pinnacle back in 91,..
These last ones were very very very light,..

These Onza ZO-Ti barends will be used on the Fat Ti (it matches the colour perfect) because i am attending Mountain Mayhem (24 hour race) and i think barends will be handy and usefull in such a race.


Anonymous said...

Hello Old-Metal. I have a pair of Onza Titanium Bar Ends - the MT-74T (with the titanium clamp). Do you know anyone that't interested in buying them? If so, please drop me a line at ishidoro98@yahoo.com. I'm going to be putting these up on ebay.

Anonymous said...

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