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Friday, 3 April 2009

Fats and Small update

Just a small update about the Fat
I now have the Quick releases in order, these are now the pretty Cook Bros Rq's,..for the front and the rear wheel, and the seatpost clamp
The crank is also a Cook Bros, and RSR which is the type with the CNC-ed rear side of the arm so save weight.
The cranks i have hade from new back in '94 I think
Originally they had the brand name edged in the arms but faded away trough the year and use.
It is still there only not that good visable,but that's fine with me.

Got a message from Rody that the decals have been shipped so in a week or so i will be able to put them back on.

I think it will take another week or 2 before before I can put the peddle to the metal
keep you guys updated ;)


Dan O said...

The Fat looks great - coming along nicely.

I have that same crank on my Yo Eddy.

Casper said...


wat lekker!

OLD-METAL said...


how is the Dekerf coming along Casper?

Casper said...

Haven't done anything since my last update. Still need to get to Bikeboosting to fix the wheels and have it to the painter. That's it. But it'll still be ready at the beginning of next month.

OLD-METAL said...

as long as it is ready for the championship in September ;)

keep me updated about the paintjob.
Are you going for powder coat ?
i have been adviced to do so.
Check these guys out what they can do with powder"