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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Note to myself :

To do list for April:

- Take the exact measurements of the decal position on the TiMax
- For the archive make high res pictures of the original TiMax decals for reproducing.
- strip the paint form the Serotta TiMax and find a good painter.
- Find out what the correct position is for the Fat Chance Titanium decals
- Finish the Cook Bros cranks for the Fat
- Finish the Fat so I can finally start training for the Mountain Mayhem
- Make some progress with the Ibis

Parts to receive:
- Chris King wheelset (pewter) for the Fat
- Moots ahead titanium stem (customized by Kish) for the Fat
- Brooks Swift Titanium in Black for the Serotta
- Original brandname decals from Serotta
- "TiMax" decal from Gil-M
- Original Fat Chance decals from Rody @ groovycycles
- Paul front derailleur for the Serotta
- RS Judy XC in orange for the Ibis
- Avid Titanium levers for the Fat
- Kolo Titanium Bar for the Fat
- New springs and elastomers for that same Judy XC

Other things to do:
- Start your website! come on man!,..do it for once! ;)

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Dan O said...

That's quite the to do list - fun list though.....