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Saturday, 25 April 2009

pre weekend update - Fat content

This week i received a few parts so I made some progress with especially the Fat.
The Ibis Mojo got his well deserved painted Judy and that i will post within a few days but now first the Fat Titanium.

The Fat Chance got this week the Moots/Kish stem, the Kolo Titanium Bar and the Chris King pewter Wheelset.
I also received a set of Alligator I-Link brake and shifter cables but these looked to modern on this bike so I got myself some XTR cables untill the moment i receive the Goretex Ride-on sets.
These Ride-On cabels work for me quite good, I used these on my Serotta ATX back in 95 and never failed.
The thing I didn't do yet was applying the Fat Chance decals, for that I want to take some time and not do this in a hurry,..i only get one chance and I better do it good then ;)
I think the decals will make a big difference because the frame looks a bit plain right now, not that much colour, the result of the mainly Titanium parts I used.

have a good weekend,...


Dan O said...

Looks great. I have the same cranks on my Yo Eddy.

Post some pics of it in action when you can.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Dan,

i will deffo post some action photo's.
This Fat will be used as it should be used, hard! ;)
I will enter the Mountain Mayhem and the Worlds with this bike, and this weekend i will try it for the first time in the wild..