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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Some detail photo's from the RidgeRunner

Some nice detail shots from the Koga Miyata RidgeRunner 1990
I am not really working on this bike, because an other project which is on it's way from the UK has more priority, but put some parts on now and then, just when i find some parts which should be on there, not really to start searching for the parts yet
For now i have put on the original Shimano U-Brake, the period correct XT deraillieur front and rear, and the correct BB.
Parts i have come across and bought; the correct Rolls sadle
Needs; a Rock Shock 1,..the one wich the pink decals, in 1 inch, an XT seatpost in 27,0,..and a hite rite.
If you are reading this and you have or know where i can get them,,..just drop me a line.


Dan O said...

I get a kick out of your blog - since I dig old school bikes as well - road and mountain.

If interested: I have some 1984 Miyata Ridge Runner pics posted on my blog: http://yoeddy.blogspot.com

I own or have owned a few old school mountain bikes - Fat Chance, Bridgestone, Ibis and Miyata. I'll eventually get them all posted on my blog.

Good luck with your projects and blog. I enjoy checking your progress.


very very nice!
Cheers from Berlin,

ADHD No12 said...

Thanks Guys

@ Dan,..my next project will be a Ibis Mijo,..

@ Andreas, ...your blog inspired me to repaint a Cannondale I own,...in Neon Kawasaki green :)


i keep checking your Blogs ;)