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Monday, 26 January 2009

Ritchey P20 TEAM

Hi, good day to you all,..

I have found myself a new bike; a Ritchey P20 Team.
According to the story's it should be one of the best riding bike's on the market,..and one of the lightest
It is a complete bike with Ritchey gear on it, but i do not like the fork so i should replace it with a nice period correct one, or a Ritchey Logic fork


Casper said...

That's on my list as well...

Very nice Bas!

ADHD No12 said...

Thanks Casper

i will receive it next week, probably at the same time with the other project frame.
Now i have to start looking for a decent fork.

when are you selling your DeKerf to me?



Casper said...

Not... I just bought a M900 front mech. All I have to do now is order the wheels (although I still haven't decided wether I'll take Ti-Dye spokes or normal ones), sort out the brakes and sent it back to DeKerf for a fresh paintjob including the fork.

Maybe in a year.

ADHD No12 said...

Ti-Dye for sure !

what colour are you going to have it made?
I guess it is not going to be cheap to have it done by DeKerf :$

Casper said...

COlor will be the same as it is right now. Gun metal (grey) with orange maple leafs on the rear forf. Fork will be the same. It isn't cheap doing it by Chris Dekerf himself but then you'll know what you get. Same color of grey and orange metallic, decalls at the right place...

BTW, do you have a spare spider for a Syncros crank as Ernie (bikeboosting doesn't have them enymore.

ADHD No12 said...

No sorry Casper, i don't :-(
Ernie still has them on his site but i guess he run out,..bummer

I guess you have to post your request on the RB forum,..

Sound like a gorgeous colour combo
Send me a picture, i would love to see it.
(and i'll post it here,...and we keep track of your project, before and after)

I want to see what i am buying next year ;) hehehehe

Radjatoe said...


Size seems right bas...look at the heightdifference between the rearwheel and toptube..Looks like an 18 inch one to me..

OLD-METAL said...

I hope so Martijn; because i am after the frame, the rest is not that special,..
I will take it apart,..throw the cranks and fork away and make it rigid of a nice Judy colour painted in the frame colour, and a nice Ritchey Logic crank (or finally use my Cook Bros)

Dan O said...

Cool old Ritchey P20. You have quite the collection of bikes.

I owned a 1991 Bridgestone MB-Zip that was the same mindset as the P20, back in day. I sold it a few months ago. Probably should have saved it.

I enjoy your blog. Fun stuff.

Bart van der Borst said...

mooie fiets ! in belgie gekocht toevallig (bluebike?)

een mooie judy sl erin en klaar....

bathmate said...

thank you for nice posting