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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

If Bob Marley would be into retro mountainbikes,..

....this would be his rear derailleur

This is the 3Rd rear Paul Derailleur i have; Next to the Red one on the Serotta I have a Silver one and now the Rasta,..


Casper said...

Nare baas... Ik zag jullie berichtjes al. Jullie waren me net voor!

Gefeliciteerd in ieder geval. Nu nog een mooie mat zwarte Principia MacB met een Rond Hydro pro3 en rasta afgemonteerd!

Ik ben in ieder geval blij dat ik nu niets hoef te verantwoorden:)

Casper said...

P.S. I've managed to find some Syncros Quick Releases for next to nothing!

ADHD No12 said...

Were you after this then too Casper?
I heard from Rob, the seller , that there was a lot of interest.

You got yourself a set of Syncros QR's,..nice, i got 2 sets of those, work great.

i do not know if i go for a total Rasta set,.. i'll see what i do with it,..

Casper said...

No, I wasn't eally after it. It would've been an impulse purchase!

ADHD No12 said...

Impulse purchase?

i do not have any other once ,... :$


Dan O said...

Wow - I really wanted one of those derailleurs when they came out. If i remember correctly, it was $200 new and had a waiting list.

How does it shift? Nice?

ADHD No12 said...

I have had one from new back in 95, a silver one, i stil have that one.
On the Serotta i have a red one,..and now this one.
I wouldn't buy them for their shift qualities,..normal XTR is much better but the looks are no other one