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Friday, 16 January 2009

B.O.T.Y at Retrobike

A few months ago , September to be correct, i entered my Serotta ATX on Retrobike for the BoTM (Bike of The Month)
It was a though month with some hard competion but fortunately i won it.
Together will all the other winners and some entries from the runners up this was put into a BoTY .
There were some really really nice entries, a few gorgeous KLEINS, Fat Chance's (Shock-a-Billies, and a grellow Yo), my Serotta and also my Defiant who did not win but was a runner up in June.
The first few days it was between 3 bikes; A beautifull Mountain Goat, The Fat Chance Shock A Billy (SAB) and my Serotta,..
At the end it was the last two who took some distance from the rest.
The end of the poll was 15-01-09, 12 o'clock,...and it was close i can tell you ,..realy close,..I won it by just one vote.

I am very proud that people appreciate the Serotta and the energy i put in to make it my dreambike.

Because i wanted to let the guys at Serotta know that i won,.and that was mostly the result of the impressive rebuild by Serotta i send Russ an email to inform him and thank them for the effort they put into it.
Unfortunately i received an email from someone else at Serotta an email that Russ was no longer working for Serotta but he thanked me for the email.

Hello Bas;

Thank you for the great news!

I’m sorry to say that Russ is no longer with the company, returning to full time duty in the National Guard. I will pass this on….

Kind regards,
Ben Serotta

and another email followed 1 minute later.


Perhaps it is little known, but at the time the Fat City Shockabilly was in production, it was built by the same crew that built the ATX. For a few years, Serotta and Fat City were one production facility operating as Serotta/Fat City LLC.


the email was from Ben Serotta ! how cool is that!
It is like emailing Ferrari and getting an reply from Enzo ;)

The Number 2; the gorgeous Fat Chance Shock-a-Billy from my dear friend Simon
I should have bought it when it was available,.. :-(

The numer 3; an beautifull Mountain Goat.
The bike is two tone,..both sides of the frame have a different colour. Blue / Green
This bike won the June BOTM,..and made my Defiant a number 2 that month,..the same Defiant which went to Simon,..from above ;)


Casper said...

Congrats!! A well earned victory.

Jacco said...

Vette shit Bas! Van harte joh. Ik vond het leuk om mee te mogen denken met dat fietsje!

Dan O said...

Nice job. All the bike pictured look great.