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Thursday, 8 January 2009

building a rider


a bit late but to all of you; i hope you will have a great 2009
For me it is going to be an exciting year, on a personal level,..and on a retro bike level.
Personal i am going to switch jobs soon,..i will keep you guys informed about this one,..it is also "retro" but not with bikes, more about this later.
On the bike level i have started this year with the purchase of a great frame,..which one and how i am going to build it, i will reveal later, not just jet.
I do not have pictures yet but it is a gorgeous, all time classic, and from what i hear; a great ride.....everybody who owns one is raving about is.
It is going to be a steel (what else is new :) ) frame, with a front suspension fork, painted in the same colour as the frame itself.
Parts wise it is not going to be a CNC tricked out bike, but with high level stock , period correct parts,..with the focus on quality because i want to use this bike for riding,...

It will take about another 2 weeks before i get the frame from the UK, the fork needs to be painted, the new decals need to be applied because the frame has gotten a new paintjob, so it is going to be mint! and a great looker...

keep you guys informed..



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