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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Serotta finally finished

It has been a long road but I finally got end the end, and build the Serotta as it was ment to be when i started the rebuild.
Today i finally could install the Paul conversion kit and replace the XTR shimano derrialieur by the CNC red Paul Components front mech.
Unfortunately it was 1 week too late, i would have loved to show it on Bikes and Coffee with this Paul front mech.

and this is the result; a Serotta ATX with a as much as possible red Paul Component parts.
And you have to see it in real life, it is beautifull, and that is not because it is mine, but it really is.

some more closeup pictures from the drivetrain;


Casper said...

Real nice! And yes... Envy suits me good!


ADHD No12 said...

hehehe,..thanks Casper

i saw that you registerd at Retrobike aswell.
i hope you will find you way ,..and talking about envy,..you did see that i want a DeKerf?



casper said...

yups I did... I want to do the first testspin in the summer. The config is sorted out and now it's just a matter of getting the right parts.