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Monday, 1 December 2008

Paul Components conversion kit (part 2) and the Syncros Ti Seatpost

I have had to work a lot the last coupe of days so I did not have that much time to keep the Blog up to date, although it has just been a few day since the last post

Since then I bought the long sought for Paul front derri Conversion kit on ebay.
Sometimes you get lucky,..and so did i this time.
I found a conversion kit in the right colour, the same colour as the front derri is.
Because i was not at home at the ending time of the ebay auction i used a sniper to do the work for me so i received an email with the good news a minute after the auction ended, i got it ! YEAH!

It is the middle 2 parts that I was after to make the top pull a down pull derri.
The other two parts are the downpull parts, the parts i already have offcourse so if there is someone i can help our with these parts just drop me a line and we can work something out.
If not, no worries, i love to keep the parts as spares , i know for sure they will be of use sometime.

The second part i got is a Ti Syncros post for the Fat Chance.
I now have 4 different seatposts for the Yo Eddy, in the rare 29,4 mm size.
- Syncros Titanium
- Syncros Alu (Black white decals)
- Syncros Alu (clear black decal)
- Ringle Moby (Blue)
Which one i am going to use, i do not know yet, i guess i will play with the setup,..the seatposts i do not use,..i hitnk i keep them,...i am such a bad seller ;)

And last but not least,..got some new Syncros decals for the Syncros stem and seatpost from Gil, thanks Gil, they look great.


Casper said...

This is such a helpfull blog! I have bid on several Syncros items but all of them have damaged decalls. I thougt I had to pay extra attention to that. Thanks to your blog I now know that new decalls are available.

Within a couple of days I should be the new owner of a Syncros stem and post and if so, I will contact you to find out where I can buy new decalls if that's ok?

ADHD No12 said...

No problem Casper, it would be a pleasure to help you out.

Casper said...

Hi Bas,

Syncros stem is on it's way. I bought is for $7,50. I think it's a real bargain but then I remembered the transport costs...

Nevertheless € 20 something is still cheap.

I have a question about the Paul derailleurs. With what, in terms of performance, can they be compared? Do they shift like current XT and what about compatibility? With what shifters will they work? Old Gripshift SRT 800 or current triggers or do I have to buy thumbies as well?

Another question I have is about the two different types of rear mechs. Yours have the PAUL logo CNCed into it. I have seen a lot of rear mechs with a Paul sticker. Is this the only difference between them or are the functionalities different as well?

Thanks in advance,


ADHD No12 said...

Hi Casper

performance wise the Paul's are not that good, i think current XT mech shift better.
I would not use them for a bike i was going to ride hard, for the way i ride my Serotta it works fine.
Also the Paul's are quite expensive and parts are hard to find.
I ride the Paul with all sorts of shifters, Gripshift, Thumbies, modern shifters, all works fine although i would use them myself with period correct parts.
The difference between the sticker en engraved logo is just the jear,..sticker logo mech's are the first once, after came the once i have.

and 20 euro for a nice Syncros stem is still a good price ;)

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