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Monday, 8 December 2008

Bikes and Coffee

Yesterday i joined the first edition of BIKES AND COFFEE in the Netherlands
After a impressive night with my new "playboy material" girlfriend :) followed a catch of the flew i dragged myself out of bed to Den Haag.
I did not know what to find there but when i arrived i was immediately impressed by the location, gorgeous old building, the perfect surrounding for the display of a collection of the most special bikes in the Netherlands
I was invited and asked to bring the Serotta and Defiant and some other bikes but due to my physical state i only brought the Serotta and i kinda regret not bringing the Defiant aswell.

What i liked about the meeting was the diversity of the collection.
I normally am only interested in the old mountainbikes but now a have seen some gorgeous racebikes which made me think,..but naaaah,..i am going to stick with the old mountainbikes for now,..

special attention for the

Zieleman from Melvin

The groovy from Roy

The wooden bike from Jan

and a gorgeous Steve Potts

and something special; a Surly fat tyre

and there were some other gorgeous bikes
pictures here; http://s392.photobucket.com/albums/pp1/Serotta-atx/Bikes%20and%20Coffee/


Jacco said...

Oh chips! Helemaal gemist. Uiteindelijk ware new pas zondag avond weer in de buurt.. Welk oud gebouw was het eigenlijk in?

ADHD No12 said...

Was een oud herenhuis aan het EmmaPark, vlakbij Gispen.
Erg mooie locatie voor de meeting.