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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fat Chance Tioga update

Put the Tioga Disc Drive in the Fat Chance.
I just couldn't wait ;)
I still have to do some adjusting, it is not centered correctly but that will be something for between X-Mas and New Year, when i have some spare time.
I also bought to match the Tioga Disc a NOS set of Tioga Psycho Kevlar tyres.
i do not know yet if i like the amber skin wall over the all black tyres but for now it will do.
For the front wheel I am looking for a old SYNCROS hub, found one on ebay and will let the sniper do it's work.


45Ronin said...

I know my comment here is stale, but that Tioga disc brings back some good memories of Johnny T ruling the roost on the mountain. Your bike is a beaut!

OLD-METAL said...

thanks ! :)