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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Serotta TiMax almost finished

It is almost finished, all i need to do is buy some gear cables.
I was convinced that had a set left but unfortunately i do not

Now with the matching Moots stem and seatpost


casper said...

Stunning again Bas.

BTW. I'm thinking about a Sycip or something similar. What would you pick?

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Casper,

I have been playing with an idea of a custom titanium myself.
I will make a topic about that soon.
There are a few builders who i contacted:
- Kent Ericsson -> former Moots and not the one i would pick
- Groovy -> Great guy, good price, but Ti is not his favourite material
- Steve Pott's -> one of the very best, would consider that
- Moots -> not special enough for me
- Jim Kish -> my favourite builder right now, the one i would go for
- Black Sheep -> expensive but gorgeous
- Jones -> impressive but to curvy for me
- Sycip -> looks great, very special to own one in NL
- Serotta custom -> the best out there but i already own 2
- Seven -> Nice but there are more special bikes available
- Lynskey's -> i like what i have seen sofar

though call casper,..
So much beautifull stuff out there.
What are you thinking? 29er?


Casper said...

Twoof my friends own a 29er. It doens't do the trick for me. I'll wait for the reply of Sycip first. I'll have a look at Black Sheep. Just to keep informed ofcourse... :)

OLD-METAL said...

what did you ask Sycip?

and what are you looking for?