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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Nishiki Alien SP - first changes

Replaced the front, it was way to heavy

Dean Stem and FybreLite bar


Dan O said...

Cool pictures - bike looks great. I remember when these were new.

If interested, finally posted my Yo Eddy:


OLD-METAL said...

thanks Dan

checked out your Yo!,..that is soooo nice!


Anonymous said...

Good looking bike, are they worth anything these days?

OLD-METAL said...

These are not that expensive.
The original design was by Richard Cunningham and that is one of the icons in mountainbike history.
The headsettube will crack in some cases so these are getting rare

Anonymous said...

How much can you get one for then? where would be the best place to find one?

OLD-METAL said...

I got mine cheap, only 60 euro
Where to get them,..where are you based?