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Monday, 24 August 2009

KLEIN ATTITUDE 1990 - 2.0 , and some other klein mountainbikes

replaced the tires

and also some pictures from the other KLEIN's

KLEIN ATTITUDE 1992 Horizon linear fade (in short HLF) with colour matched Rock Shox

Picture of the KLEIN attitude Team USA and Pinnacle

The KLEIN Pinnacle which is owned by me since new.
Here with the original spinner fork and Spengle wheels

2 Pictures of the 1996 KLEIN Attitude in TEAM USA colours with the ultra rare rigid fork.
Very light frame and rarely equipted with this fork because back then a suspension fork was the way to go
Frame looked ace when i got it, no scratches!

Picture of the ATTUTUDE HLF and the 1991 RASCAL, here with the PACE RC35, but later equipted with the orginal Spinner fork

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Dan O said...

It's a Klein Fest !!!

You always amaze me with the number of cool bikes you own. You'll need a museum to house it all soon.

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Dan,

and to think of it that I actually do not like aluminium bikes to ride on ;)