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Thursday, 30 July 2009

finding some NUKE PROOF history

Last week i was contacted by a very kind lady, Anne, trough the Serotta Forum.
She told me some very interesting things about the NUKE PROOF brand and showed me a few pictures of an old catalog.
She will send me some high res pictures and i will show that here and tell what she tell's me about NUKE PROOF

keep watching this space ;)

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Anonymous said...

let us know what you get. I have a 1995 nuke proof. I bought it new. Still a working bike today, I still ride and race on it. Like to know more history. My ser# is 1042

OLD-METAL said...

My serial number is 1083
are there any more details on your BB mentioned?
There are also some other number : POL 420014

Anne is on hiliday right now, when she get's back she will email me more information about Nuke Proof

keep in touch


Anonymous said...

Some more of my history. I acutally had a 1993 that I bought from them at a discount that had a slighty ovalized headtube (blue loctight kept the headset solid). I cracked the toptube on the '93. a half inch crack starting @ the seattube. The company was nice enough to send me a new 1995 frame. Been riding it ever since. I have the roach badge on mine and there are no other markings on the BB. Syncros stem and cranks, king wheels, 1992 XTR.
Thanks TS

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks TS

nice to know more about the Nuke Proof brand because there is so little known

Could you email me a picture (or2) ?
Bas @ old-metal (dot) com


Anonymous said...

sent pictures of the 1995 NP

OLD-METAL said...

i saw them come in this morning.
You have one with the cockroach on the front tube.
are you okay with it that i post some pictures?

Anonymous said...

Yes you may post any of the pictures. Thanks for asking