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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Fat, Serotta, Nuke Proof in my living room

I was expecting to receive some parts and decals to finish the Timax but unfortunately i didn't so i made some pictures form the bikes which are parked in the livingroom


Dan O said...

That's quite the mountain bike museum in your living room.

Reminds me of some old motorcycle pals with vintage bikes in their house for display.

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Dan,

a friend of my dad has the same, with vintage race cars ;)
i am the low budget version ;)


Casper said...

Impressive spec list!

OLD-METAL said...

Hi Casper,

thanks, but i am inter-changing some parts within these bikes at the moment.
I was planning to use the Paul brakes on the Serotta TiMax but now i replaced them with the control tech's from the Nuke Proof because colour wise this fits better.
Hope to finish the Serotta by the end of this week