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Thursday, 4 June 2009


Received this today: A Nuke Proof Titanium.
I swapped this with the Ibis Mojo because that one was to big.

Will show some more very soon but i have to run right now, to the girlfriend ;)


Casper said...

Now THAT is rare!

Nice Bas!

OLD-METAL said...

Thanks Casper! :)

Radjatoe said...

oh damn! Bas, once again you surprised me with your good taste..

now some nuke proof wheels etc etc

OLD-METAL said...

yes i want to look for some NP hubed wheels
They also made stems but these are not pretty at all

thanks btw Martijn

Dan O said...

I remember these bikes - nice.

You have some collection of bikes!

Utahdog! said...

Bas, do you know who welded the Nuke frames back in the day? I can't remember.

OLD-METAL said...

Hi James,

The first once were welded by Nuke Proof themselves like the one i have.
After a while they quite doing that and then they had Litespeed build their bikes.

According to the info i have the number of frames build is in total close to 500, most of them were welded by Litespeed.


Anonymous said...

I was there for almost every frame produced. The first batch were definetely Litespeed. Those are excellent quatlity, but look like a Litespeed frame with Nuke stickers. The second batch were made by an aerospace contractor in GR that had mediocre quality. The third batch were made in Ada at our shop by the welder/fabricator who put together a lot of Slingshot frames. These were excellent quality and finish. Hand finished every one in Ada. That welder is now going to produce a frame of his own. He can build you almost any size configuration you want. His brand new 29er is awesome. Hold on to that Nuke frame, they are special.

OLD-METAL said...

wow,..that more info then i ever found.
could you please email me ?
bas (at) old-metal (dot) com
i would like to know more about this,..



Stu Aikawa said...

I just found this post and I got my nuke back in 1995 or 4. I met the guys from Nukeproof at Interboke in LA. They graciously took my order for a specific frame and size. A few weeks later #1032 showed up. 1" headtube and all. I learned that the welder from Slingshot welded this up and it is perfect. It's like 17 years later and the bike still rides like a charm. No breakdowns with this quality ride. My predominant ride is a Sycip single speed, but that is due to the lack of elevation here in Davis. But I have promised my self to get back on the Nuke and to start sweating. Power to the hard tails!!! We don't make lines, we pick me