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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Onza Porcupine White

I got to be honest, I do not know much about tyres.
Back in the time when i rode my Klein Pinnacle I was impressed by the Tioga Psycho and because i liked those i never tried any other,.... why change a winning team ?

Right now i still use Tioga Psycho's and found myself some new old stoch of the regular black/skin wall and amber coloured kevlar once.
For the Serotta ATX i found some new Onza Honch tyres

Since i started building bikes again with the intention to build bikes like i would have wanted them when i could not afford them i have been looking for tyres which would fit in the right colour scheme.
I think Amber looks good with Titanium, and the Black Honch with the black/red Serotta
And for the current build, the Serotta TiMax i have found myself some NOS Onza Porcupines in White.
I think this will look great with the white frame.
These Onza's are probably the most wanted retro tyres right now, and these go for crazy prices, they ask for these tyres much more then for car tyres ;)
This is an article from 2005 : MTBR ONZA PRICES

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