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Monday, 15 March 2010

My first real mountainbike : Scott Pro Only 1990

I just mentioned it in the previous post, my first bike was a Scott Pro Only.
I realized that i never told anything about it, i only found 1 picture.

It was a CroMo frame, nice colour scheme in White green purple and a limited edition, was not mentioned in the catalogues from the year.
Equipted with a mixture of XT and LX parts, straight fork, radial spoked front wheel which snapped spontaneously while standing still.
And because it was fashion BITD i put a disc in the rear wheel,..and a seat cover,...my god,..why the hell did i do that!
I remember that the rear wheel made quit the noise and was absolutely nothing like the Tioga disc because this disc had the normal wheel as the base and did not replace the spokes like it was with the Tioga Disc.

When i sold this baby a few years later, i still looked and droe amazing, i always took good care of the bike, and regret selling it.
I think i sold it for the PEARSON.....or the Klein Pinnacle,..yeah,..that was it,..the Pinnacle


Andy said...

I have the Scott now.

OLD-METAL said...

Could you send me a picture?