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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Julia Ingersoll's Nuke Proof Pro Bike

The second scan from Richard...
A picture from Julia Ingersoll her Nuke Proof
It looks to be a Litespeed made frame.

Remarkable is that it is not a Nuke Proof allover equipted bike.

Julia is now a painter


jpdykema said...

It has everything that Nuke Proof was making at the time on it except for Nuke Proof bar ends (the team was co-sponsored by Onza which explains that). Julia was on the Nuke team in 1992 and all the company was making was bars, hubs, and bar ends at the time. As you already know the frame was fabbed by Litespeed. The stems, skewers, frames, and forks didn't come until a few years later.

Hope this helps.

OLD-METAL said...

ah thanks,..
you are right!,..the other parts came later.

you got any extra info/pictures about Nuke?

thanks, Bas

45Ronin said...
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jpdykema said...

Depends on what you're looking for. I grew up about a half an hour from Grand Rapids/Ada, Michigan where Nuke Proof (and Slingshot, and Velocity USA, and Barracuda before they moved to Colorado) was based. I rode/raced with some of the Nuke Proof guys so I know a bit.

I also know that those Nuke Proof bars (I have the same ones on my Slingshot) are carbon fiber wrapped aluminum same as the early hubs, not kevlar.

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